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Thursday, May 10, 2007

All made up with no place to go

This was the photo I mentioned the other day. Last Saturday night Melissa came round with one of her friends who's a Nutrimetics consultant, and we had a makeover evening. It was just a bit of fun, but I hardly ever wear makeup, except when I go dancing or when I'm performing with choir, so it was good to have someone who knew what they were doing do my makeup. I look a bit shiny, which is my only complaint, as she didn't apply powder over the foundation. But other than that I kind of like it.

I told myself beforehand that I wasn't going to buy stuff though. As usual, I didn't hold to that. There's something about party plan consultants that makes them very persuasive, which I suppose is why they do is at a job in the first place. But I also find them somewhat disparaging too, in that they make you feel as though all the other products out there are totally crap and that if you use them you are, therefore, an idiot. The first Nutrimetics thing I went to it was also just me, Melissa and the consultant. I was asked what my "current beauty regime" consisted of, and when I told her, the response I got was "OK, well I won't tell you that I cringe when I think of what products you're using, but that's fine if they work for you". Um, thanks? Saturday's line was much the same: "Well, you know, I'm not saying that you shouldn't go and use Revlon or some other product that's cheaper, but just know this - you only get one skin and you have a duty [yes, she actually said 'duty' like it was national service or something!] to look after it. That's all I'm saying..." I felt like I was being chastised like a small child.

So, yes, I spent more money than I should have, but for products that I will hopefully make use of and that I like. I still don't think I'll ever start wearing makeup everyday, which is something makeup consultants seems to find incomprehensible. But there you go. Not everyone cares enough to spend 20 minutes daily in order to look nice for the 10 people who you are actually likely to see that day.

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