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Thursday, January 19, 2006

The rabbit population in South Oakleigh

We have baby bunnies! Turns out Gemma must have been pregnant when Monty died, because she had babies a few days into the new year. We never planned to go into the rabbit breeding business which is the whole reason we took Monty to be desexed in the first place, but they're so cute. There are five, and we plan to keep 2 of them probably, finding good homes for the others. I can't believe how small they are - I've never seen newborn animals before, but it's exciting watching them grow a little each day and learn how to do new things. Their eyes have been open about a week and they've mastered walking but not hopping yet. At least one of them has made his/her first tentative steps out of the nesting box into the rest of the hutch. What's really hard to believe is that six months ago I knew nothing about rabbits, and now I could probably write a book. (Well, OK - a short book!)



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